EPV Infra’s year in 2017 was characterised by new investments and projects, as well as the intense development of its activities. Electricity distribution was carried out smoothly and steadily.

EPV Infra’s year in 2017 was characterised by new investments and projects, as well as the intense development of its activities. Electricity distribution was carried out smoothly and steadily.

A part of the EPV Infra business area, EPV Tase extended its operations considerably in 2017 with the launching of its Operations Centre in November. EPV Tase produces energy balancing services for EPV shareholders and the energy generation companies owned, entirely or partly, by EPV. The services of the new centre include, for example, the purchase and sale of electricity and trade in the Intraday market in the Nordic power exchange. The Operations Centre also provides production plans for wind power companies and various use-related monitoring. Progressive analytics are utilised in all activities.

In the Operations Centre, the monitoring of the energy balance focuses intensely on the next few hours and the coming day and is implemented round-the-clock, every day of the year. The preparations for the centre’s opening were carried out throughout the year and recruiting, among other things, was performed in good time, which is why the recruitment was a great success, resulting in competent employees. The development of activities continues, and the development of various models for energy trade optimisation is one of the focuses of future development.
An important factor behind the establishment of the Operations Centre is the increase in renewable and unplanned energy generation, because it multiplies the requirements of monitoring and anticipating the energy trade round-the-clock, as well as trading.

Optimisation of the energy trade is one of EPV’s future focuses

EPV Infra decided to establish its own Operations Centre instead of buying the services externally, because the volume within EPV Tase’s area of responsibility is growing and its control requires continuous attention. The company’s own Operations Centre also enables better development of activities than ever and the production of cost-efficient service alternatives for EPV Energy’s owners.

The regional grid operates steadily and reliably

EPV Alueverkko Oy’s financial year 2017 went as planned, which means that there were no large disturbances or power cuts affecting the customers. Throughout the year, there were 14 disturbances in the operation of the grid, none of which caused a long-term interruption for customers. This is slightly more than the previous year (11), but over the long term it still shows a clear downward trend.
The number of wind power grid connections increased and by the end of the year, 260 MW of wind power was connected to the grid, which is approximately 120 MW more than the previous year. Over the year, one more greenhouse grower was connected to the grid, which raised their number to three, and this number is expected to grow further in 2018.

Projects improved the use of the grid

In 2017, good progress was made with several important projects aimed at improving the operational network security and safety and several others were completed. The project to replace impractical feeder disconnectors with disconnecting circuit breakers was implemented as planned for the year. This project included alterations at almost 10 power stations. This improves safety at work and the company’s ability to deal with disturbances, which makes it possible to isolate the majority of disturbances and reduce the harm caused by interruptions.

Operational network security and safety has improved

EPV Infra also implemented several power line projects. A new power station was built in Höysälä and in connection with it the construction work of the Höysälä-Tuovila transmission line was started, due for completion at the beginning of 2018. The ring operation of this renovated power line will enable better control of the conditions for connection for wind power production and consumption.

PVO Alueverkot Oy became EPV Tuotantoverkot Oy

At the beginning of the year, EPV Energy purchased the entire share capital of the network company PVO Alueverkot Oy, which was part of the Pohjolan Voima Group. The new company is now a subsidiary of EPV Energy and, in connection with the transaction, its name was changed to EPV Tuotantoverkot Oy. With the transaction, EPV Energy gained 113 km of new distribution network and five new power stations. At the same time, its operations extended to new regions, the majority of which are located in Northern Finland by the River Iijoki and in the town of Kemijärvi, as well as in the Pori region. The transaction strengthens EPV Energy’s controlled growth strategy according to which the company’s regional grid activities will be gradually extended.