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"The EU is preparing policies that will affect the future of the energy sector"

2017 was a steady year for EPV Energy and met most of our expectations. Many projects and reorganisations were completed and the company’s financial status remained stable.

CEO's review

Towards emission-free energy generation

EPV Energy has more than 60 years’ experience of responsible energy generation. We continue to focus on emission-free generation with determination and purpose.

<div class="morgan-chart" id="morgan_chart_51" data-chart-title="EPV Energy's specific CO2 emissions" data-chart-type="line" data-chart-series='[{"name":"g\/electricity kWh","data":[340,340,340,361,350,352,358,311,282,251,232,194,149,119,89,88,80,77,75,73,69,67,65,62,61,11]},{"name":"Average of CO2 emissions in the EU 2014","data":[275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9,275.9],"enableMouseTracking":false}]' data-hide-markers="0" data-hide-line-markers="1" data-series-name="" data-connector-width="0" data-distance="-60" data-y-title="" data-hide-chart-title="0" data-x-axis='["2005","2006","2007","2008","2009","2010","2011: R\u00f6ytt\u00e4 wind power farm
\n","2012: Increased use of biomass in Tornio and Sein\u00e4joki
\n","2013: Gasification plant in Vaasa
\n","2014: Swedish hydropower
\n","2015: Torkkola wind power farm and expansion of R\u00f6ytt\u00e4 wind power farm. Decreased coal condensing power capacity, Kristiina 2 and Tahkoluoto
\n","2016: Santavuori wind power farm
\n","2017","2018: Mets\u00e4l\u00e4 wind power farm\t
\n","2019: Olkiluoto 3","2020: Hydropower leasing in Norway ceases. Increased wind power capacity: Teuva and Simo","2021: Increased wind power capacity: N\u00e4rpi\u00f6","2022: Increased wind power capacity: Laihia","2023","2024: Solar power farm I","2025: Increased wind power capacity: Kuusamo I","2026","2027: Increased wind power capacity: Kuusamo II","2028: Solar power farm II","2029","2030: Replacement of CHP bio power plants in Vaasa and Sein\u00e4joki"]' >
EPV Energy

Electricity generation

In 2017, the Group's electricity generation amounted to 3,503 GWh.


0.0% Hydropower 1001 GWh
0.0% Wind Power 427 GWh
0.0% Wood + other bio 240 GWh


0.0% Hydropower 1001 GWh
0.0% Wind Power 427 GWh
0.0% Wood + other bio 240 GWh
0.0% Nuclear Power 1123 GWh
0.0% Industrial Gas 169 GWh


2.7% Hydropower 93 GWh
0.0% Wind Power 427 GWh
0.0% Wood + other bio 240 GWh
0.0% Nuclear Power 1123 GWh
0.0% Industrial Gas 169 GWh
0.0% Peat 263 GWh


0.0% Coal 277 GWh
0.0% Other foss. 3 GWh

265,2 M€


123,9 M€


45,7 %

Equity ratio


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Financial statement 2017

Group structure and business areas

The EPV Energy Group includes a number of subsidiaries and joint ventures, and EPV actively participates in the management and supervision of them. However, the subsidiaries and joint ventures have their own administrative organs. The group is divided into four business areas.

EPV Power

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EPV Heat

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EPV Wind

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EPV Infra

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Board of directors' report